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After several, homeless years of wandering, at a stormy night the 7 main fairy character find the Empty field, where they finally settle. In the field they find a little heap, where they dig their own holes as their future home which promises plenty of exciting adventure. The often strange, absurd humor stories evoke the children’s fantasy games.


Story, design, script and character design by András Dániel
Directed by Szabolcs Pálfi, Kristóf Jurik
Storyteller: Péter Scherer
Music by Balázs Alpár
Produced by Géza M. Tóth
Background, layout: Kinga Fazakas, Kristóf Jurik
Character modeling: Kristóf Jurik
Sound: Imre Madácsi, András Sárközi (GASTON Studio)
Animaton supervisor: Boglárka Udvardy
Animation effects: Zsolt Baumgartner
Kinga Fazakas
Roland Kazi
Kristóf Jurik
Zoltán Turi
Athanasios Giouvanoudis
Zsanett Szántó
Bence Pigler
Attila Kisgáti
Darko Belevski
Péter Dörnyei
Ágnes Karikó
Márton Szűcs
Dávid László Tóth
László István Tóth

Production manager: Ágnes Molnár
Technical supervisor: György Péchy


The Grickles stories are based on bestseller Hungarian children books. KEDD has produced 2 episodes of this animated series (2×7 minutes long episodes). It is aimed the 5-9 years old audience, but it is as entertaining for youngers as elders. The other 11 episodes of the first season are under production release in 2017.


Year of Production: 2015 –
Running Time: 7′ / episode
Animation technique: digital 2D
Format: 4K
Aspect: 16:9
Sound: Stereo, 5.1
Dialogues: Hungarian
Subtitles: English

First official trailer

Episode 01

Episode 02


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KEDD’s puppet series with edutainment content for children. We provide thematic episodes continously with hand made puppets who are very interesting and funny characters.






Directed by György Péchy

Written by Doraya Bouandel

Production manager: Ágnes Molnár

Art director: Boglárka Udvardy

Puppets and Scenery: Anna Kincses-Mohácsi, Boglárka Udvardy

Design by Kristóf Jurik

Music and sound design by Balázs Alpár

Produced by Géza M. Tóth

Animation: Antonin Krizsanics, Kinga Fazakas, Kristóf Jurik

Song: Domonkos Nagy

Edited by Dorottya Zurbó

Post-production: Andor Sperling, Tibor Nagy

Still photographer: Boba Tüzes

Special thanks to Ernő Hajnal



Anita Baranyai

Lenke Mákszem

Gyöngyi Érsek-Csanádi

Tamás Törőcsik

Dorottya Marczal



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Love is hard. Paprika, the ultimate super hero knows that very much. He insists to save Rosy, love of his life – even if she doesn’t really need to be saved.





Design and story by Mariann Prakter

Animation director: Antonin Krizsanics


Mirella Benes

Athanasios Giouvanoudis

Tibor Huszák

Balázs Jankovics

Kristóf Jurik

Tímea Könyves

Tamás Mayer

Éva Molnár

Mariann Prakter

Bálint Tóth

Sound: Imre Madácsi, Imre Németh, Johanna Orbán

Production manager: Doraya Bouandel

Produced by Géza M. Tóth



Based on Paprika+Rosy characters KEDD created a gif collection of short animations with cute and not so cute messages. It is free and funny to send gif cards for anyone. See more at!



Compilation of Paprika+Rosy animations

Berry and Dolly

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Berry the snail and Dolly the ladybird are the best friends ever. They have many pretty adventures, while they make new friends and get knowledge about the world around them.


BB3_02_Napraforgok_STILL (Large)



Story, design, script and character design by Erika Bartos

Directed by Géza M. Tóth, Antonin Krizsanics

Storyteller: Judit Pogány / Becca Laidler

Music by Alma Ensemble

Produced by Géza M. Tóth

Background, layout: Éva Magyarósi, Kristóf Jurik, László Lenhardt

Storyboard: Zoltán Fritz

Character modeling: Zoltán Turi, László Lenhardt

Sound: Imre Madácsi, Ferenc Lukács (GASTON Studio)

Animaton supervisor: Boglárka Udvardy


Mirella Benes                  Gergő Burján
Kinga Fazakas                 Athanasios Giouvanoudis
Eszter Horváth               Károly Horváth
Tibor Huszák                  Attila Kisgáti
Melinda Kiss                   Tímea Könyves
Balázs Lőrinczi               Éva Molnár
Katalin Móré                   Anett Szabó-Horváth
András Paulovics           Ildikó Táborita
Zoltán Turi                      Csaba Zabos
Mirella Benes                 Gergő Burján

Translated by Ralph Berkin

Production manager: Doraya Bouandel, Balázs Tóth

Production coordinator: Niki Kárász, György Péchy



Berry and Dolly stories are based on bestseller Hungarian children books. KEDD has produced 3 seasons of this animated series (13×5 minutes long episodes each season) for the pre-school generation. The cinema versions of Berry and Dolly stories made a huge success in Hungary: in 2011 Berry and Dolly 2. was the most popular Hungarian movie of the year.

The series is currently being broadcasted on TV and DVD in Hungary, Slovakia, Romania, Serbia, Croatia, Moldova, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Kosovo, Macedonia and Czech Republic.



Year of Production: 2010 – 2014

Running Time: 5′ / episode

Animation technique: digital 2D

Format: HD

Aspect: 16:9

Sound: Stereo, 5.1

Dialogues: Hungarian / English / Slovakian / Slovenian / Czech / Romanian

Subtitles: English


Berry and Dolly's festival results

China International Children’s Film Festival (episode “Alfonzo’s Fiddle” – Best Short Film)

52nd Zlín Film Festival for Children and Youth (episode “The Kite” - in competition), 2012

AnimaBasauri: Basauri-Bizkaia International Animation Festival (in competition), 2012

AniFest ROZAFA (episode “Alfonzo’s Fiddle” - in competition), 2012

SCHLINGEL – 17th International Film Festival for Children and Young Audience (in competition), 2012

International Animation Film Festival Golden Kuker (in competition), 2013 

11th Kecskemét Animation Film Festival (episode “Hot Air Balloon” - Audience prize), 2013


 funded by

All That Cats

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Mini-funny animated series about beatboxing cats.

Black-and-white animated cats live slackening in town. Their life style is all about music, they use their surroundings, often in a humorous way, to build up their beatboxing. There’s no conversation or narration, we only use the international language of music and minimalist animation. Life is too short, so make some music!





Designed, written directed and edited by Mátyás Lanczinger

Animation: Mátyás Lanczinger, Zoltán Fritz, Levente Szűcs, Judit Erdélyi

Computer graphics: Mátyás Lanczinger

Music by Márk Bartha, Mátyás Lanczinger, Dávid Lovas

Sound: Dávid Lovas

Produced by Géza M. Tóth, György Péchy



Year of production: 2010

Running time: 04:44

Animation technique: 2D/Flash

Format: HD

Aspect: 16:9

Sound: Stereo

No dialogues


Detti and Griff

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Detti and Griff is a story about friendship and bravery where anyone can find their place in real life or in dreamland.

Detti is a 7 years old, smart and sensible little girl. Griff is her inseparable dog and her very best friend. Thanks to Detti’s special gift they can teleport to Fabletown whenever they need to, which is a place with infinite possibilities to have fun and find friends. Unfortunately, Fabletown has its own problems as well, so new adventures are waiting for the two friends all the time.





Designed, written and directed by István Heim

Animation: Ildikó Táborita

Computer graphics: Emőke Kovács

Music by Attila Pacsay

Sound: István Heim

Edited by László Fazekas

Produced by Géza M. Tóth, István Heim

Production Manager: Niki Kárász, Ildikó Táborita

English subtitles: Doraya Bouandel



Detti: Fanni Német

Teacher: Imola Bócz

Dragon / Witch Wynona: István Heim



Year of Production: 2009

Running Time: 7’

Animation technique: hand drawing

Format: HD

Aspect: 16:9

Sound: Stereo

Dialogues: Hungarian

Subtitles: English



Special thanks to

György Péchy

Gábor Fülöp

Ildikó Legény

Gizi Pintér

András Szombati

Viktória Hernádi