Richard Wagner: Das Rheingold

Richard Wagner: Das Rheingold

Stitched Panorama


The first part of Wagner’s tetralogy is a prologue depicting the ‘original sin’ committed when the dwarf Alberich renounces love to be able to forge from the stolen Rhine gold a ring that gives him infinite power. Wotan, king of the gods, resolves to take it from him. But what will come of this disruption of the natural order that violates every written and unwritten law?



Composer: Richard Wagner

Director, visual concept: Géza M. Tóth

Set designer: Ildikó Tihanyi

Costume designer: Ibolya Bárdosi

Dramaturg: Eszter Orbán

Projected scenery: Antonin Krizsanics, Miklós Gerdelics, Kristóf Jurik

Roland Kazi, Tibor Nagy, Péter Piros, Doraya Bouandel

English subtitles: Arthur Roger Crane



The Hungarian State Opera enlisted Béla Balázs Prize-winning animated film director Géza M. Tóth for the mammoth artistic undertaking that commenced in the spring of 2015:
the re-conceptualisation of the entire Ring Cycle.


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General cast

Conductor           Péter Halász

Wotan           Mihály Kálmándi

Donner                Sándor Egri

Froh                   Zoltán Nyári

Loge                    Adrian Eröd

Alberich         Marcus Jupither

Mime              Zoltán Megyesi

Fasolt               Krisztián Cser

Fafner                 Géza Gábor

Fricka                Judit Németh

Freia              Borbála Keszei

Erda                       Erika Gál

Woglinde            Eszter Wierdl

Wellgunde       Krisztina Simon

Flosshilde         Melinda Heiter