My America (animation inserts)

My America (animation inserts)


Film-maker Peter Hegedus grew up in socialist Hungary and overdosed on American movies and the values he thought they promoted: truth, justice, and hope for a safer world. But twenty years later, he wonders whether the America of his dreams ever existed. From the streets of Tehran to Tiananmen Square and from the refugee camps of Africa to the White House, MY AMERICA follows Peter on a six-year quest to find out what happened to the America of his childhood.

KEDD Animation Studio was involved in this project to create the animated scenes of the film.




CREATORS (Animation Department)

Animation director: Miklós Falvay


Mátyás Erményi

Zoltán Fritz

Emese Góg

Károly Körmendi

Mátyás Lanczinger

Richárd Orosz

Péter Reichard

Dávid Ringeisen

László Ruska

Marianna Shek

Antal Tamási

Animation producer: György Péchy


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