Mr. Dokker

Mr. Dokker


3D animation story about Mr. Dokker’s one fine day, which happens to be a very important one in his monotonic life.

Mr. Dokker wakes up, he prepares, leaves home, he’s in a traffic-jam, then arrives to the office, he’s dreaming for a while, gives an indecent proposal, walks away huffily, gets into a tiny traffic incident, later in the restaurant shows sexual interest in the waitress, thinking about boobs while having dinner, gets the girl drunk, he’s up to drug abuse, suddenly sees a deer, has a road accident ‘cause of the drunk driving, walks for some sympathy, appears in a kissing scene, appears in a jealousy scene, lays on the ground in a faint, drifts with the current of a river, dives, gets a whiff of death, happens to be on a beach, meets a strange life style, takes part in a memory exchange therapy, walks like a brain-washed idiot, the sun rises on his right, so he quits the scene satisfied.
Created by Károly Körmendi





Year of production: 2012

Running time: 5 min

Animation technique: 3D

Format: 1280x720p

Aspect: 16:9

Sound: Stereo

No dialogues.



Festivals / in competition:

Opuzen Film Festival, Croatia, 2012

Colchester Film Festival, United Kingdom, 2012

MediaWave Festival, Hungary, 2013

Kecskemét Animation Film Festival, 2013

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