After several, homeless years of wandering, at a stormy night the 7 main fairy character find the Empty field, where they finally settle. In the field they find a little heap, where they dig their own holes as their future home which promises plenty of exciting adventure. The often strange, absurd humor stories evoke the children’s fantasy games.


Story, design, script and character design by András Dániel
Directed by Szabolcs Pálfi, Kristóf Jurik
Storyteller: Péter Scherer
Music by Balázs Alpár
Produced by Géza M. Tóth
Background, layout: Kinga Fazakas, Kristóf Jurik
Character modeling: Kristóf Jurik
Sound: Imre Madácsi, András Sárközi (GASTON Studio)
Animaton supervisor: Boglárka Udvardy
Animation effects: Zsolt Baumgartner
Kinga Fazakas
Roland Kazi
Kristóf Jurik
Zoltán Turi
Athanasios Giouvanoudis
Zsanett Szántó
Bence Pigler
Attila Kisgáti
Darko Belevski
Péter Dörnyei
Ágnes Karikó
Márton Szűcs
Dávid László Tóth
László István Tóth

Production manager: Ágnes Molnár
Technical supervisor: György Péchy


The Kuflis stories are based on bestseller Hungarian children books. KEDD has produced 2 episodes of this animated series (2×7 minutes long episodes). It is aimed the 5-9 years old audience, but it is as entertaining for youngers as elders. The other 11 episodes of the first season are under production release in 2017.


Year of Production: 2015 –
Running Time: 7′ / episode
Animation technique: digital 2D
Format: 4K
Aspect: 16:9
Sound: Stereo, 5.1
Dialogues: Hungarian
Subtitles: English

First official trailer

Episode 01

Episode 02

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