Famous Hungarian childrens songs, rhymes, folk songs in fresh animated picutres.

Colorful episodes help the youngest generation interpret and memorize songs.

In addition to the smallest, adults also enjoy the evergreen tunes.

Production information

Format: 50x'1 episodes

Type: children animation series

Genre: edutainment

Target Audience: toddlers and preschool 

Shooting format: 16:9

Video: HD 1080p

Languages: Hungarian






Production and Creation

Production Year: 2017- 2018

Story, design, script and character design

by: Tibor Nagy

Directed by: Tibor Nagy

Songs in Hungarian version by: 

Paár Julianna, Sára Tímár, Johanna Orbán

Produced by: Géza M. Tóth

Production manager: Ágnes Molnár