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In Hungarian KEDD means Tuesday, so KEDD is a weekday between Monday and Wednesday. However, KEDD is also an animation studio - a very successful one. It is located in Budapest, Hungary, and since it’s foundation in 2002, KEDD has produced several animation series, commercials, music videos, short films and experimental works. KEDD’s films participated at international festivals worldwide. Apart from Academy Award nominee MAESTRO, KEDD’s productions were recognized with more than 50 prizes.

After all, KEDD cannot be defined as one thing. KEDD is an animation studio, a creative workshop, a lovely place near the Danube, our workplace, our mission, our honour, our team. KEDD is us.

The creative director of the studio is Géza M. Tóth. He is a multi-awarded film director, founder of the studio and rector of the University of Theatre and Film, Budapest. Worked as a guest lecturer at several foreign institutes and universities (e.g. Royal College of Art, London, Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg, Ludwigsburg, National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad). As a filmmaker he created short films (e.g. Icar, MAESTRO, ERGO, MAMA, Match, YES) experimental art projects (e.g. XYZ, The Miraculous Mandarin, The Bluebeard’s Castle, St Matthew Passion, Das Rheingold), TV specials (Where the World Unfolds - The History of Hungarian Opera, Opera130 - The Bouldvard Palace) and animation TV series (e.g. Berry and Dolly, Hungarian Music Channel IDs, Tales from the Bend, Modern Folk-tales).

KEDD collaborates with the most talented animation and film professionals in order to maintain the highest standards. And we are working every day, not only on Tuesdays.

KEDD's showreel

Interdisciplinary artworks

Short films

TV specials / Feature films

Series for kids

Commercials / Infographics

TV series

  • Géza M. Tóth
  • Ágnes Molnár
  • Annamária Gáspárné Balogh
  • Kristóf Jurik
  • Miklós Gerdelics
  • Péter Piros
  • Roland Kazi
  • Tibor Nagy
  • Kinga Fazakas

KEDD Animation Studio - KEDD Sales division

Address: Frankel Leó utca 7., H-1027 Budapest, Hungary


Tel: +36 30 251 6090


Address: Frankel Leó utca 13., H-1027 Budapest, Hungary


Tel: +36 30 393 3192

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